Where it All Began

December 1st 2016.

My gender reveal appointment.

I solely prepared the night before about how I would react to either sex. But it didn't quite happen the way I planned. My heart raced as I twiddled my thumbs and

prayed. It was like finding out if I was pregnant all over again. And then

the announcement happened... "Ms. Cook it's a BOY!" The excitement rushed through my body! I ran to my family who was excited as well and then it hit me all at once. I'm having a BOY.

I know what you're thinking, what's the problem with having a baby boy. All that matters is the baby being healthy right? Of course that's all that matters! But me being who I am I thought future wise. I will be raising a boy who will eventually be a man. See, his father and I aren't together, so I would be walking into single motherhood. With his father not being in the picture 24/7, how would I raise this prince to become a king? How would I explain his body parts? When will he discover his "pee pee"? Would we even call it that? What about potty training? What would I even name him? All these questions raced through my head, but then the most important one hit me. How will I be able to explain what it's like to be a black man in America to my son? Certainly google is not going to be able to answer these questions for me.

Yes this was just the beginning, but I realized on that day God not only gave me a big responsibility but also showed me that I had more strength than I ever knew. I was ready to get on this new journey full of laughter, love, and mini heart attacks.

Single, excited, anxious, but ready to be a Queen raising a King!


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