Well...He Found It

I always knew this day would come, but I didn't think it would be so early! He found it! You know the "it" that makes him a boy. Well he knows "it" is there, and boy is he excited about it! Me on the other hand, I don't even know how to act! Is it normal to get a panic attack when he points to it? Some experienced and mature mothers are probably reading this and thinking "aww that's normal", but with him being my first and only, I'm SHOOK.

It happened during bath time. Here I am singing daddy shark ( who else wishes that song was never made, but loves it at the same time!), and he just looks down in amazement. His silence caused me to pause, and then it began. First a poke, then a pull, and then he...LAUGHED! And I freaked out and called his Godfather, because I promise he was going to pull it off! Calling his Godfather was no help because all he could say was "there you go Grayson, have fun!"

Later that night I sat and thought about all the questions he would have when he's older, and how I would answer them. How I would have to explain the different parts of male and female. Of course parent books and google can answer these questions, but as a parent we all want to be able to explain things to our children our way and create an open environment for those questions. See, all of that isn't thought of when we have our baby boys, especially for us single mothers.

This discovery day was intense, but I'm sure I'll appreciate the innocence in it while he's younger rather than his teen years! Thank God for time!


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