The Haircut Questions...

Where are my Afro mamas at?! Not your afro, your baby king! Throughout the changes of culture and society we have all seen the different hairstyles given to our little ones all around the world, especially our young kings. From afros, to cornrows, to little man buns, to haircuts hair has also been a huge subject for little kings as it is for our little queens. The big question we all receive is "when are you going to cut that boys hair?"

When Grayson was born he had a head full of hair, and 18 months later it’s past his shoulder. Most of the time,nope scratch that, EVERY TIME we are out in public we get a lot of different responses about his hair. Some good, "Awww look at all that hair ! Wow his Afro is beautiful! Do not cut his hair it’s gorgeous!", And some not so good "We’re trying to figure out when he’s getting his first hair cut. Take that boy to the barbershop! Little boys aren’t suppose to have that much hair." As you have probably guessed, the not so good comments come from our older generation male species.

With the single mother rate growing higher and higher, I believe that men think because a little boy is solely with his mother he is not educated on haircuts or going to the barbershop. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but lets put the truth out there; an opinion on someone elses child that is not yours is honestly not needed. Advice and criticism are two different things. Now if you can give me advice on how letting a child grow their hair out will negatively effect them, then I'll take it up to consideration. But honey this society has it so messed up coming up to a stranger and telling them they need to cut their sons hair because "little boys aren't suppose to have that much hair."

Of course everyone is different, but with my son it’s my choice not to cut hair. I think at his age he’s too young for a haircut, and I'm honestly, not quite sure he can handle it. If you all knew what I go through to get his twist or his cornrows, you would know that clippers would be even worse. Now when he gets older I’ll let him make the choice about what he wants to do with his hair, but as of now we won’t see a barber until he’s 5!

Mommies don’t let men make you feel like hair-care for your son isn’t the right thing to do. And don’t feel pressured to get him a haircut at such a young age,that later on in life his hair pattern is all wrong.

Tame his mane and tell others to stay in their lane !


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