Motherhood & Mental Health

How psychological well-being can result in total control over motherhood. Scientifically women are the strongest humans known to mankind. Although we are the strongest we aren’t valued for everything that we go through physically, mentally & emotionally. Globally women give birth every second, every minute and every day. Naturally woman are maternal, nurturing and loving. But how can we properly tap into what’s natural when after giving birth our reproductive hormones drop rapidly? After giving birth to my son I experienced so many emotions. And although I had my family by my side I felt a waves of emotions. Emotions I didn’t want to voice because I was afraid I would be viewed in a different way. Because I am a Christian I believe 100% that prayer is the answer to all things but during this journey of motherhood therapy is needed. In the beginning of my pregnancy, I experienced a wave of events. From losing a loved one to being unemployed and doing odd jobs for family members just to make ends meet. I received help from my family and my sons family but naturally I’m a go getter and a provider so I felt defeated. Growing up in the church, I began to do what I knew best and that was praying and attending church. But despite going to church I was still human and I was experiencing a side of me I’ve never seen. I felt like I lost myself and I couldn’t get it together. I was battling depression and going thru so much internally that it began to lessen my value and portrayed someone i didn’t like. After being introduced to therapy, I was hesitant because of things I experienced from my past. After my first session there was a sense of relief that I haven’t felt in a while and just like prayer I began to feel a sense of peace and relief. Having that chance to voice what I was feeling on the inside, to focus on what’s needed for not only Grayson but myself ! Without God &Therapy I don’t know if I could heal and grow and prosper with my Motherhood Journey. But with both I’m exactly what WE needed. Just because you’re a single mom doesn’t mean you throw away who you are called to be! Self Care start with self & health! Mentally, Spiritually & Physically.The Time is Now. -#HisMom

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