Mom Growing Pains: Healing Unapolgetically

So I'm doing this thing that 100% I know I wasn't prepared for....

It's called evolving, you know the adult term for "growing pains". Some may find this to be extreme but it took for my sister-friend to enlighten me on how we evolve in a different way in our late 20's. (Shout out to V) Chapter 27 came for my neck like I owed it something. And I did, often in life we forget who we are and who were are called to be.

Some of you are probably going to say: "Damn she's about to get churchy". Yes, some parts of this journey may bless you but this journey that I'm going to take you all on is going to get fu.... freaking ugly. *My Nanna reads guys*. Welcome to the beginning of a very real, vulnerable and transparent part of my journey of healing and evolving in not only in motherhood but womanhood.

Now, Last year I prayed and asked for God to help me to be more transparent and real in my brand and be able to show every part of me. And then 2020 happened, although today I can say 2020 was necessary.

It wasn’t easy. I loss me and somehow rediscovered who I am and who I’m destined to be. Unapologetically.

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