Life of a Working Mom

When Grayson was first born I went back to work after my six week period; and let me tell you it was beyond hard to be away from my newborn and working in retail made things even harder. Working for a company that wasn’t understanding me being a mother, and missing a lot of milestones with my son began to weigh on me. My supervisor sat down with me and asked if I wanted to resign and be home with my son. November 2017, opened a new chapter for me not only as a person but a mother. I was use to being in between jobs when it was just me. But from my pregnancy until he arrived, I was put on maternity leave early and when I returned I was demoted and I could only imagine what was next for me. As a Christian I truly believe that God gives us a test so we can have a testimony. 5 months without a job and child was beyond hard. I did odd jobs for family members to make sure Grayson had everything he needed. God became my everything and showed me that even though I was a mother he would still be the father I need. God not only provided financially, but he provided mentally,spiritually and emotionally.

Being in a new location, it’s been my constant prayer to make North Carolina feel like home. I wanted to detach from a lot of things in my hometown. July 2018, I gained not only a new job but a big sister as well. From that time I haven’t stopped working and grinding for my son. Without assistance from the other party it gets hard to gain balance of work and mom life. From Monday-Friday my son only sees me for maybe 3-4 hours of the day and I have to make every hour count. I thought I knew the definition of a hustler but becoming a mother and gaining more of a purpose in life changed that for me.

So to my working moms, I know it gets hard and some times we wanna throw in the towel and even when we do remember to seek wisdom and guidance for your mental, emotional and spiritual. Never give up, because your little one is counting on you.


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