Motherhood & Mental Health

How psychological well-being can result in total control over motherhood. Scientifically women are the strongest humans known to mankind. Although we are the strongest we aren’t valued for everything that we go through physically, mentally & emotionally. Globally women give birth every second, every minute and every day. Naturally woman are maternal, nurturing and loving. But how can we properly tap into what’s natural when after giving birth our reproductive hormones dr

Life of a Working Mom

When Grayson was first born I went back to work after my six week period; and let me tell you it was beyond hard to be away from my newborn and working in retail made things even harder. Working for a company that wasn’t understanding me being a mother, and missing a lot of milestones with my son began to weigh on me. My supervisor sat down with me and asked if I wanted to resign and be home with my son. November 2017, opened a new chapter for me not only as a person but a mo

Ending the Cycle

October 24th, 1993 my story began. I was born to a single mom who worked her hardest to fulfill the two roles of father and mother. It was hard seeing my mother work so hard and yet be so strong for me, so when I turned 15 I vowed to never be with anyone like my father unlike every other girl. His inability to recognize me and simply be there for me was hard for me to accept so I chose not to fall into that same trap. So imagine the pain that I felt when at 22 going on 23, I

The Haircut Questions...

Where are my Afro mamas at?! Not your afro, your baby king! Throughout the changes of culture and society we have all seen the different hairstyles given to our little ones all around the world, especially our young kings. From afros, to cornrows, to little man buns, to haircuts hair has also been a huge subject for little kings as it is for our little queens. The big question we all receive is "when are you going to cut that boys hair?" When Grayson was born he had a head fu

Lost and Found

When entering motherhood, they automatically tell you of the many ups and downs you will face with your child, but sometimes they neglect the ups and downs you will face within. After having Grayson I went into full mommy mode. All of my focus was on my new baby boy and making sure his transition into this new world went perfectly. In doing so someway somehow, I lost myself along the way. Some days I was searching for me. Sounds crazy to others I’m sure, but I ultimately lost

Well...He Found It

I always knew this day would come, but I didn't think it would be so early! He found it! You know the "it" that makes him a boy. Well he knows "it" is there, and boy is he excited about it! Me on the other hand, I don't even know how to act! Is it normal to get a panic attack when he points to it? Some experienced and mature mothers are probably reading this and thinking "aww that's normal", but with him being my first and only, I'm SHOOK. It happened during bath time. Here I

Where it All Began

December 1st 2016. My gender reveal appointment. I solely prepared the night before about how I would react to either sex. But it didn't quite happen the way I planned. My heart raced as I twiddled my thumbs and prayed. It was like finding out if I was pregnant all over again. And then the announcement happened... "Ms. Cook it's a BOY!" The excitement rushed through my body! I ran to my family who was excited as well and then it hit me all at once. I'm having a BOY. I know wh